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An incubation program designed to connect university students with the contextual challenges recognizing the pivotal role of startups in driving sustainable economic growth in the pursuit of fostering grassroot startup initiatives and propelling the entrepreneurial spirit among young innovators, Turtle Venture Limited proudly introduces the "Turtle Venture Excelerator"


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About The Program

Accelerate to Excellence.

Turtle Venture Excelerator is an incubation program designed to empower young entrepreneurial minds, fuel their enthusiasm, and cultivate an ecosystem from the ground up. This initiative aims to support business ideas addressing emerging problems in Southeast Asia, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 and contributing to the vision of a Smart Bangladesh.

Program Rationale

Building from the root.

With a focus to facilitate the growth of grassroot startup initiatives in Bangladesh, TVEx aims to empower participants, validate ideas, and foster sustainable collaborations between the public and private sectors, thereby contributing to economic growth, job creation, and innovation in the country.

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Program Benefits

Turtle Venture Excelerator provides investment and ongoing support to transform ideas into impactful businesses

Pre-Seed Equity Investmets

Secure essential funding for your business at the early stages, propelling your innovative idea towards a tangible realization.

Investment Readiness & Facilitation

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to attract investors, ensuring your business is poised for successful funding rounds.

Business Modelling & Validation

Develop a robust business model and validate its feasibility, laying the foundation for a sustainable and impactful venture.

MVP Development & Launch

Transform your concept into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with expert guidance, accelerating your journey from idea to market.

Legal & Financial Compliance

Navigate the complexities of legal and financial requirements seamlessly, ensuring your business operates ethically and in compliance with regulations.

Access to 30+ VCs and Angels' Network

Leverage our extensive network of over 30 venture capitalists and angel investors, providing unparalleled opportunities for funding and strategic partnerships to fuel your business growth.

Program Outcomes

What TVEx offers

Startups will get 10 lacs BDT of investment after the program including Post-Program support
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Establishing a network of 50+ mentors worldwide, creating a global support system for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Top 10 performing startups will get direct access to Turtle Venture Studio Next Cohort
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Get access to Network of 30+ VCs & Angels in Turtle Venture's Partner Network
Message from Turtle Venture Ltd.

“Embark on a transformative journey with Turtle Venture Excelerator, where innovation meets opportunity. As CEO, I invite you to join our program, where your ideas will not only find wings but soar to new heights, supported by a global network, expert guidance, and the resources needed for unprecedented success. Your journey to entrepreneurial excellence starts here – let’s build the future together!”

Saraban Tahura Turin

Founder & CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

For Participants

Turtle Venture Excelerator is a comprehensive program designed to support and accelerate the growth of innovative ideas from universities in Bangladesh based on 24 challenges by providing mentoring, funding, and networking opportunities.

Selected participants have the opportunity to receive a pre-seed equity investment of 10 Lakh BDT each from Turtle Venture Accelerator and its partners.

The program caters to business in various stages, from idea conception and validation to MVP development and launch. We provide tailored support to meet the specific needs of each stage.

The program spans six months, with various activities, activation program in universities, workshops, and events. The program is designed to incubate the growth and development and thus, manage funding for participating startups. 

For Partners

Partnerships offer unique opportunities for visibility, networking, and collaboration with innovative startups. Depending on the level of partnership, benefits may include branding, access to startups, and participation in program events. You can sign up to invest the startups, to sponsor the program, become a strategic partner, logistic partner, community partner, media partner and so on.

Organizations interested in partnership opportunities with Turtle Venture Execelerator can reach out to our partnership team through the designated contact on our official website.

To partner up or sponsor specific program segments, such as activation programs in universities, mentoring sessions, national bootcamp, or demo day, please contact our partnership team through the provided contact information on our official website.

For Community Builders

Community builders play a crucial role in fostering connections, collaboration, and engagement within the regional startup ecosystem. They facilitate networking, support, and mentorship based on ToT to the regionally selected business ideas from the universities.

To join as a community builder, express your interest through our official channels or contact the community building team. We welcome startup ecosystem builders who have remarkable contribution to the regional startup ecosystem and passionate about nurturing a vibrant startup community. For now, we are working in Khulna, Rajshahi, Chattogram and Dhaka region.

Community builders are responsible for creating a supportive and inclusive environment. This includes organizing networking events, facilitating discussions, overseeing university programs led by campus ambassadors, get trained as trainer to provide support to the selected business ideas from the universities.

Yes, we provide orientation and training sessions for community builders to familiarize them with the program, expectations, and the best practices for community building within the startup ecosystem and provide them with mentoring tools to capacitate them on providing support and mentoring sessions to the regional business ideas.

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